Coursera - why I left that course

From time to time I browse Coursera to find something to move me on or particularly interesting. Usually, it is great, I loved the courses held by MoMa, or I always try to tie the courses with my earlier studies or interest. And I am not interested to have a certificate, as I am not intending to have a job so I do not need that. This happened this September, I find a very interesting - at least for me - course on accessibility. As in early 2000, I was one of the professionals to work on the legislation in Hungary, my part was the architecture and landscape design, while others were involved from different groups more on healths and other issues. So my idea was to refresh my knowledge, see what happened in this field.

So I gave a shot, to the course: An Introduction to Accessibility and Inclusive Design by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign In the very first view, it was really good, I watched all the videos, checked the background materials, and was very keen to pass the quiz. Usually, if you are among the participants who want to finish the course, but do not want to pay for the certificate it is an easy and smooth process. You can be equal to the other fellow students, you can be part of the discussion forum, and take the quiz, you can have the results in %, and it is fine for me. I am usually happy if I am above 85 % as I am not native in English. In this particular course, it was not an option, I did take the quiz, but for the grade (% of the results) I was asked to pay. So I started to think about it, why I do not agree to pay? It is not huge money - but yes, as a retired woman - it is an uncomfortable sum, and I do not need the certificate for my next job, or my CV. So I decided to go on the next weeks without the quiz results. But it did not go long. As I was not sure how my knowledge was appropriate, if I going well or weak, in the third week I lost my interest. Not because the videos, dialogs were not interesting, but because there were no dedicated points in my way to show the achievement. Anyway, if you are professional and interested in the field of accessibility give it a try.

Written on September 30, 2020