Bergen, May, 2018

I really like the Scandinavian - or Nordic - landscape, even though it is usually considered to be “cold”. The wide, bright sky always impresses me. Or on the contrary, the grey, dark clouds are fascinating to me as well.

In this environment, the bright colours of buildings and objects are particularly impressive.

I appreciate the Scandinavian socially caring society, which is also reflected in the objects. And it works from housing to everyday households gadgets, from left-handed scissors to the universal design.

In Bergen on the first day of May, the local Trade Unions organised a parade to shorten the working hours, to the better work environment and for the safety of asylum seekers.

When we are staying in different places we have the opportunity to examine our own environment in light of the other societies.

This curved mirror image reminds me of why it is so inspirational to have an altered image of yourself.

Written on May 1, 2018