Code yourself

It was fun! I always have an itchy feeling in September. From my childhood, this month was the best and most interesting in my years.

I loved my schools, I always was a kinda bookworm, and usually, I finished my textbooks on every subject by the third week to get the picture. In university it was more exciting, many new things to learn. After I graduated and started to work, I was seeking to find some possibilities to learn, and I was lucky with my office, that they did not block me - even I was a woman in the male-dominant office in the ‘80ies during the communist era in my country. So I had the chance to learn and find education possibilities. I remember travelling from Miskolc (my living place) to Kecskemet (the site of the course) every second Thursday 5 am by train, and back in the very late hours. I loved that. In my later years, September was the time to meet new students, clean my room in the university, making my files, models and other educational materials for the semester.

After I finished my academic jobs September-time itching remained, and it happened this year too. I find a coding course, and to tell the real truth my main motive to choose this was that it was offered by the University of Edinburgh. By that time of this year, my original plan was to visit Scotland preferably twice. So it was an easy and emotional click on the course when I saw the picture.

I turned out very interesting. The other group members were mainly young fellows, and it was big fun to create a Christmas card, a simple hunting game, self-introduction or a stellar journey to find our way back to mother earth. As a complete outsider - retired architect - it was great fun, I liked the clear instructions by Areti Manataki and Inés Kereki. (My grade was 90 %.)

We got some base instructions on the algorithms, sequences and assumptions. Very soon started to use Scratch - a program for beginners. It was interesting me as a former academic how to use clear symbols instead of specific technical and technological language and how the teamwork helps every member of a particular project.

Meanwhile, it is based on Python, so when somebody speaks to me about coding I will have a clue, even it is a small bit.

Written on September 28, 2020