Edinburgh Exhibition - Summerhall

Good news from Scotland, friend Iain Patterson has a great and unusual exhibition in Summerhall, titled ‘Balance’, hundreds of his works are exhibited in vitrines and glass-cases.


Robert McDowell (painter himself) wrote an essay on this venue and I was happy to translate the artistic view of this magnificent exhibition. One of the main ideas in this essay:

Artists of all kinds have a duty to make themselves super-sensitive to what others don’t consider enough or at all or assume is waste, pointless, insane or worse! Artists show us whatever we undervalue, overlook or discard may be recycled into beautiful truths able to hold our attention, into stores of value however nigh impossible to explain in words? Modern audiences often ask what’s it trying to say, what’s the subject matter, what’s the message? 

Looking at another artist’s work, whether visual, dance, music, theatre, song, a fellow artist asks not what is it saying but what would it feel like to do that. To juggle those elements like that, how would it feel to me? Only at the end do we ask what if anything the artist may be trying to say.”

Can’t wait to see with my own eyes this “REFINED RUDIMENTARY” - according to Robert.

Written on February 13, 2022