Towels on different warp

Towels on different warp

After my garment experiment, I decided to weave a simple pattern on a cotton warp. Decided to make a geometrical twill that I find in my Ashford book. (That week I was fascinated by Bauhaus weavers, and the geometric pattern seemed to be okay for me.)

I created a tiny model to check the colour blending and I used IWeaveit to follow the pattern.

Collected my 8/4 cotton warps from and at first, I made a 2,3 m long white warp. Those were for the first teatowels.

I was happy with the result so added a red warp by the end of the white, made pillowcases in red. A week later I decided to follow with blue warp.

At the very end, I put a variegated red warp added to the white, and made pillows for N’s tiny terrace.

Written on May 24, 2021