Parting from the old house

It was a melancholic day when we emptied our very old - built in 1850 - partly family heritage second homes. That building had stories, nice and bad memories from different eras between and during the wars.

We spent there weeks for more than 25 summers and winter, our kids enjoyed the rustic big garden, the huge walnut trees, the lily of the valley under the pear tree, the lilac syringa working as fence and around the small gate. The vaulted cellar was used for soccer purposes - it was called a “cellar-ball”, the ball bounced loudly back and forth on the curved surfaces.

Later for several years, they used it when they were at the University of Debrecen. The only electricity was in the house, no tap water no gas heating. So we did some comfortable adjustments using the tools what the so-called eco-architecture provided according to our limited budget.

We liked to stay there for long weekends, it was always a strong point to go, to work in the garden and to be responsible. I was working as a university teacher and lecturer and my summer days were good for translation work, writing books and doing a few paintings.

Meantime it was not easy at all, we do not own car, always travelled by train, bus, carrying luggage, kids, and in the village we used bike for every reason, even to carry a new door for the privy.

For now, our life had changed a lot, and it was more an obstacle then a solution, sucked more energy and than give to us. And the romantic feeling wasn’t enough to keep us going as usual. So we put it on the market and emptied the building.

Now we have a medium size garden in our city home, and selling that family possessed country dwelling helped our kids to start their very own life.

Written on May 20, 2017