Ready for the next experiment

We decided to create a small outbuilding/back building in our plot, approximately the size of 4m x4 m.

There is no reason or urgent need, this project will be an experiment of building with earth in an urban area.

The materials to be used: earth (it seems the earthbag will be a good method), wood, the big acacia tree trunk cut last year, recycled tiles, doors and windows from the nearby demolished building.

The goal: we intend to reuse the materials in all possible ways, and create a sunny and quiet ‘shrine’ for daydreaming.

Before we do any step forward I decided to look after again the earth building photos of mine - I have hundreds of those - and this impressive book about ‘taipa’ in Portugal.

Here is the link of the book “Earth and Strawbale Architecture” published in 2006, and an article about the Mediterranean movements in this field.

Written on June 8, 2020